October 16, 2021

A fine line between take-out and dine-in

A fine line between take-out and dine-in

As the Covid-19 pandemic shut down restaurants across the country, most restaurants have pivoted from indoor dining to take-out and delivery. However, as the pandemic slowly recedes, restaurants are beginning to reopen, pivoting once again to provide a safer environment for customers. Instead of returning to dine-in meals, most restaurants are offering dine-out: a combination of take-out and outdoor seating.

A restaurant in Mountain View, California has zero customers seated indoors during lunchtime. (Lauren Koong/SJI)

Hand sanitizer bottles are located throughout the restaurant to encourage a safer eating experience. (Lauren Koong/SJI)

Social distancing signs are placed throughout the outdoor eating patio. (Lauren Koong/SJI)

A closeup of a social distancing sign on an outdoor table shows how heavily used the tables are, as many people begin eating out at restaurants again. (Lauren Koong/SJI)